Instruments and Services

We offer both general purpose instrumentation and automation that is custom designed for certain laboratory fields.

Immunoassays: DiaSorin’s LIAISON® fully automated immunoassay platforms as well as EIA automation from 2-7 plate instruments, like ETI-MAX3000®, Thunderbolt and more.

A wide range of lab applications: from infectious diseases to immunology and neonate screening.

Molecular: a whole range from single sample full automation (sample in-result out) instruments to high throughput molecular workstation. From Standard PCR cyclers to GeneXpert® and FilmArray up to High throughput LabXpress system.

Multiplexing: from research to CE-IVD marked test system. Luminex® platform (including full automation options), Affymetrix chip systems, Biofire FilmArray – just to name a few.