Steripower was formed in 2003 with the thought to substantially improve hygiene standards in the medical as well as food processing evironment.
The company is located in Germany and Steripower products are spread through the World via distributor´s partnership.
Biomedica cooperate with Steripower since 2014 and is exclusive distributor in CEE region.

Healthcare associated infections (HCAI) are infections that occur during patient care in hospitals, in healthcare facilities or even when patients are in care at home.The impact of HCAI causes
• prolonged hospital stay
• long-term disability
• increased antibiotic resistance
• additional financial burden
• increase of deaths
• high costs for the health sector
• emotional stress for patients and their families

We are proud to provide elegant and tailor made solutions for healthcare institutions, labs, food industry, public areas and business and hospitality industry.
• Touchless dispensing system
• automatic sensor
• compatible with any disinfectant solution
• an additional 5 or 10 litre bottle of disinfectant can be used and placed below the Steripower itself
• rechargeable battery or power supply
• counter – number of applications
• settings are variable (1 application of disinfectant can be set up between 0,5-5 ml)
• combination of devices  with any type of stand
• 0,5 or 1 litre of disinfectant can be placed inside of Steripower

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