Luminex was incorporated in May 1995 and began commercial production of their first generation system in 1997. Luminex develops, manufactures and markets innovative biological testing technologies with applications throughout the diagnostic and life science industries.

The company’s open-architecture xMAP and xTAG technologies enable large numbers of biological tests to be conducted and analyzed quickly, cost-effectively, and accurately. Systems using xMAP technology perform discrete bioassays on the surface of color-coded magnetic or non magnetic beads, which are then read in a compact analyzer.

Three versions of analyzers are available: from low to high throughput and 50- to 500- plex capabilities.

Key Products

    Affordability: Benefit from the affordable multiplexing solution that costs up to 4x less than comparable ELISA assays.
    Efficiency: Measure up to 50 targets in a single well and analyze both proteins and nucleic acids.
    Compact size: Reduce lab clutter with a smaller, more compact instrument that requires less than three feet of linear bench space.                       Bead compatility: Magnetic beads
    High sample throughput: Automation and 384 well plate compatible, half the read time of other Luminex platforms.
    Increased multiplexing: Multiplex 500 microspheres to generate 5-10x more data points per sample than other Luminex platforms.
    Increased dynamic range: Optical enhancements increase signal almost 2x and add an additional log of reporter dynamic range over other Luminex platforms.                                                                                        Bead compatility: Magnetic and non-magnetic beads.
  • Luminex® 200™
    Versatility: Use for a variety of applications including immunoassays, genotyping, gene expression, enzyme assays and more.
    Efficiency: Small sample size requires less than 25 μl of sample for up to 100 results.
    Reproducibility: Suspended microspheres give consistent results and allow for easy quality control.
    Bead compatility: Magnetic and non-magnetic beads


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