PromoCell is a premier manufacturer of cell culture products and is especially recognized for its broad range of human primary cells, stem cells, and blood cells, as well as optimized cell culture media.

Scientists worldwide use PromoCell products in basic and applied biomedical research to obtain better results from more accurate physiological models.

Key Products

  • Human primary cells 
  • Human stem and blood cells 
  • Cell culture media 
  • Microbial detection and elimination 
  • Cell pellets 
  • Reagents & supplements

Primary Cell overview

  •  Cardiac myocytes 
  •  Chondrocytes 
  •  Endothelial cells 
  •  Epithelial cells 
  •  Fibroblasts 
  •  Follicle dermal papilla cells 
  •  Hepatocytes 
  •  Keratinocytes 
  •  Melanocytes 
  •  Osteoblasts 
  •  Preadipocytes
  •  Skeletal muscle cells 
  •  Smooth muscle cells


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