Focus Diagnostics

Since its founding in 1978, Focus Diagnostics has grown its business from specialized laboratory testing to manufacturing its high-quality laboratory tests for hospitals and commercial laboratories worldwide. These manufactured tests are built in response to diagnostic testing trends identified and evaluated by Focus Diagnostics and used in Quest Diagnostics’ national laboratories.

Focus Diagnostics’ serology product lines are comprised of HerpeSelect® HSV serology and DxSelectTM ELISA and IFA assays, such as Bartonella IFA IgM & IgG, Chlamydia MIF IgM & IgG, and a suite of vector-borne products, including Rikettsia and Anaplasma phagocytophilum.

Today, Focus Diagnostics maintains its industry reputation as a market leader and is committed to providing products that accommodate your laboratory’s needs through reliable products, quality manufacturing practices and flexible solutions.

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